An Easy Upgrade

The focal point of your home needs an update. A gas fireplace insert transforms your old, cold fireplace into an inviting oasis in as little as a day. From a simple swap to a whole-hearth remodel, we can make you fall in love with your fireplace again.


What Is A Gas Fireplace Insert?

Modern gas fireplace inserts are installed into an existing open masonry fireplace. It alleviates that cold chimney draft, improves indoor air quality and increases home heating efficiency and lastly creates a cozy ambiance in your home! Installing a modern gas fireplace insert is a quick and affordable way to update the look of your room. Long term it adds value to your home, short term it lowers your monthly home heating bill.

How It Works

Direct vent gas fireplace inserts stop cold drafts from entering your home and they prevent warmed air from escaping. Unlike traditional open flue or natural draft gas fireplaces that use air from inside your home for combustion, direct vent gas fireplace inserts use air from outside of your home. Direct vent gas fireplaces inserts are very popular due to their safety, warmth and efficiency.

Gas Inserts



Gas Fireplace Insert

Get the wow factor with our distinctive Cosmo gas fireplace reinvents your fireplace...

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Gas Fireplace Insert

Transform your home with our top-of-the-line Escape gas fireplace insert.The biggest,clearest view o...

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Gas Fireplace Insert

Get all the essentials of an efficient,great-looking gas fireplace insert with the Provident.No more losin...

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Gas Fireplace Insert

Gather round what a fireplace is meant to be:the engaging focal point of your home.with big flam...

Starting at $2,766 *

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