Wood Fireplace Mantel Care

California Mantel’s wood fireplace mantels are manufactured out of the hand-selected paint grade, oak, maple, cherry, or beech woods. Like fine furniture, wood mantels do require some care.

Avoid exposure to moisture; water, normal household detergents and some foods can damage finished surfaces if allowed to stand for an extended period. Wipe up spills immediately. Never clean with solvents, detergents or abrasive cleansers; these products can permanently damage the finish exposing the wood to further damage.

Paint grade wood fireplace mantels can be wiped with a mild household cleaner, and regular application of a quality oil to stain grade wood fireplace mantels can enhance the beauty of the fireplace mantel while protecting its finish.

California Mantel does not recommend furniture waxes or polishes. Some of these products can create an unsightly build-up over prolonged periods of use.

In the event something is spilled on the mantel we recommend immediate initial action:
• Beverages: Using a clean cloth, dab the liquid to soak up the excess only; do not scrub. Wipe the area with clean water. If more cleaning is needed, gently clean with a mild cleaning solution.
• Soils, dust or dirt: Airborne dirt can collect on any concrete surface forming a dark and sometimes oily build-up and stain. Use a vacuum to remove any of the dirt/debris on the mantel. If more cleaning is necessary, gently clean with a mild cleaning solution.

California Mantel, Inc. manufactures the highest quality wood fireplace mantels possible but assumes no responsibility for the cleaning and care of your fireplace mantel.

**Not professionally finishing the wood fireplace mantel voids all warranty claims**