"Old World" Precast Fireplace Mantel Care

California Mantel’s “Old World” finished fireplace mantels are individually hand-crafted to give natural variation in color and texture, replicating a natural travertine.

Cements by nature are very durable, strong and somewhat stain-resistant. California Mantel recommends the installer or owner seal the “Old World” mantel immediately after installation with a high quality sealer, recommended by PROSOCO, Inc. We recommend keeping your fireplace mantel clean and to re-seal your fireplace mantel at least once a year, or as recommended by PROSOCO, Inc. This will aid in maintaining stain resistance. Use a type of sealer designed to penetrate concrete or stone products. Make sure to read and to follow all the instructions on the recommended sealer.

In the event something is spilled on the product we recommend initial immediate action:
• Beverages: Use a clean cloth, dab the liquid to soak up the excess only; do not scrub. Wipe the area with clean water. If more cleaning is needed, gently clean with a mild cleaning solution.
• Soils, dust or dirt: Airborne dirt can collect on any concrete surface forming a dark and sometimes oily build-up and stain. Use a vacuum to remove any of the dirt/debris on the mantel. If more cleaning is needed, gently clean with a mild cleaning solution.

California Mantel, Inc. manufactures the highest quality precast fireplace surround possible but assumes no responsibility for the cleaning and care of your fireplace mantel. Contact PROSOCO, Inc., for a list of recommended products specifically for California Mantel fireplace mantel finishes, and your local distributor to purchase these high-quality products.

**Not using California Mantel Inc.’s recommended high-quality sealer on the “Old World” precast fireplace mantel voids all warranty claims**